Sunday, October 19, 2014

My First Meridian Treatment and TCM Consultation at Slimming 101

Went down to Slimming 101 for my TCM consultation today. The inhouse TCM doctor first took my pulse on both hands...we chatted a bit about my sleeping habits, diet, lifestyle and sensitive skin...she said that 11pm-3am is the time that our body and kidney rejuvenate so her advice is to sleep before 11pm...but honestly, sleeping before 11pm is quite difficult for me to would be good if i can sleep before 1am...cos i only have about 4hrs of sleep on weekdays on busy days although i try to catch up on sleep during the weekends...

I'm supposed to be "pseudo-heaty" (pardon my literal translation) so a little on the heaty side and my body lacks fluids. She's right that i feel thirsty quite easily...honestly, i'm the type who can gulp down a big glass of drink when i'm thirsty...she adviced me to cut down on spicy food (again, not easy cos i love spicy stuff o.O)

I'm quite surprised when she asked if i feel giddy...she could tell that i have a giddiness issue just by taking my pulses o.O well. just a few weeks ago i had a really bad giddy bad that I was advised by my eye specialist to go for MRI scan on my brain...the tcm doctor said i could be anemic...interesting to learn that anemia is not exclusive to those who have low blood pressure...

The inhouse TCM doctor at Slimming 101

Had my first meridian treatment's supposed to be good for draining out the toxins and to improve the digestive system etc...the therapist pressed on my meridian points and patiently explained the positions of the various meridian points. She said that it usually means that there's some blockages if there's pain upon pressing the meridian points...i feel pain on more than quite a few meridian points ler...looks like there's a lot of toxins stuck in me! i was then wrapped in plastic and underwent the thermal detox treatment which was done at abt 50 deg C...the idea is to induce sweating to flush out the toxins...i was v.sweaty when i was finally unwrapped....reminds me of my hot yoga it looks like i have lost about 1 kg from this treatment! wow! o.O

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun at Trick Eye Museum

Thanks The Influencer Network for the kind invitation to this bloggers' event at Trick Eye Museum Singapore. Brought along my cousin and we had plenty of fun. 

When I grow up, I wanna be a Ballerina! Thanks @lorealprofsg for the fantastic L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Sealing Repair Lipidium which helps to repair my naturally curly and frizzy hair n makes my hair more shiny and silky ��

Ma, see. I really can scale wall!

Since Leechie lives in a small globe, now u can bring Leechie home n place on your table. Lol

Told ya that I'm a witch. Now what's missing is my witch hat

Watch out! Where r we going??

Ahem. Introducing to you my new Korean bf. lol

Riding a bicycle on cloud nine, n check out my beautiful wings!!

Look, Ma! I really can fly!!

Help!! Someone pls save me!!

At the circus

Hold on tightly! Where r we going??

Woohoo...we r riding on the Merlion

Aiya...I can't reach your hand...

Gosh...since when did u grow so tall?? O.o

Sitting pretty at the end of the day

We love Trick Eye Museum!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Third Slimming Session With Slimming 101

Duo-Advanced Body Define is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, which offers a way to reduce localized cellulite, body volume due to retention of water with localized fat areas. It improves body contour and cellulite and is effective for tightening loose skin. It is proven by multiple clinical studies and thousands of satisfied patients.  It produces sustainable results and reduces cellulite areas by up to 2 cm per treatment.

Duo-Advanced Body Define is particularly suitable for cellulite reduction, body shaping, fat melting, skin tightening and rejuvenation, improves elasticity and tone and reduction of waist, love handles, flabby arms, belly fats, hips and thighs. 

I lost 0.6cm during this session. I can feel my big tummy flatten. Hope to lose more fats so that I can fit into my old clothes again. I noticed that most local guys prefer skinny gals. I'm no longer skinny but I want to slim down and look more toned and have a more defined waistline.

Get the Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment worth $700 for only $39.90!
Have you been reading about the non-invasive, no downtime, liposuction-like treatment at Slimming 101? Do you have parts of your body that you would like slimmer and more toned? If you do, your chance is NOW! The first 10 readers of my leechie blog will be able to purchase the treatment at just $39.90. Just quote my name "tono leechie" to enjoy this special deal!

The cozy reception area at Slimming 101

Slimming 101 is having a special promotion whereby 5 sessions of signature full body meridian therapy are going for only $358 for all walk in customers!

Photos taken at Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge during this F1 weekend. Do I look better?

Another selfie from narcissistic, rem to follow me on instagram @tonoleechie

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Second Slimming Session With Slimming 101

Went down for my second slimming session with Slimming101 today. I had the Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment done on my tummy. I lost 0.5cm on my waist this time round. Hope I can lose more fats around my waist. Nowadays, I get people mistaking me for being pregnant =.=

Duo-Advanced Body Define is particularly suitable for cellulite reduction, body shaping, fat melting, skin tightening and rejuvenation, improves elasticity and tone and reduction of waist, love handles, flabby arms, belly fats, hips and thighs. My biggest concern is my fat tummy...hope i can slim down to fit into my old clothes again...

Saw this attractive Standard Chartered card promotion at Slimming101 whereby you just pay $38 only and you get to enjoy a total of 8 re-shape therapies! Good value for $!!

The inspiration board at Slimming101: these ladies look so sexy after slimming!

Check out the latest selfies that i i look slimmer and better?

No filter nor photoshop on these photos

Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Slimming Session With Slimming 101

After attending the press conference at Slimming 101 last sunday, I went down for my first slimming session today. I first sat in the sauna for about 10 min before my first treatment today. The temperature went up to about 52 deg C. I tried a combination of ultrasound as well as ultra cavitation with Duo-Advanced Body Define machine in this 20 min session. The sounds became louder when the therapist was doing the cavitation treatment on my tummy, which is an indication of the high fat level there. I can still feel a warm sensation in my tummy area even hours after this painless treatment so I think it’s still working hours after the treatment. N I feel hungry after the treatment…omg, I seem to be always hungry eh? =(

After this Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment, I'm pleasantly surprised that I lost about 2cm on my waist. I weighed myself and found that i lost half kg too. My Leechie mum has this warped logic that I should lose 2 cm for every session. Lol. Well, Let's see how it goes...

I'm looking forward to my next treatment this coming weekend...stay tuned for my updates =)

Selfie taken at Slimming 101

Do I look slimmer and better after the treatment? o.O

Monday, September 1, 2014

Press Conference of Slimming 101

At the press conference of Slimming 101, we were shown around the slimming centre and introduced to the various slimming equipments and facilities. The consultant, Lynn, did a demo slimming session on Vivien and we could see how the slimming actually start to take effect within the very first slimming session itself. A TCM doctor then did a very detailed consultation on her after that. 

Honestly, I didn't realize that I have grown so fat until the consultant, Lynn, did measurements around my waist. Well, most guys simply stare at my tummy these days instead of saying anything about it =( Hope I can lose more inches around my waist after these 4 treatment sessions...

Sauna facilities at Slimming 101 

This is the machine used for Duo-Advanced Body Define treatment and it has both ultrasound as well as cavitation functions

The spacious treatment room

Lynn doing the demo cavitation treatment on Vivien at the press conference

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You 2014

Thank you Schwarzkopf for inviting me to cover this exciting event by Teenage magazine. 

The female winner of Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You! during the Q&A segment. She's eloquent and has the X factor, a clear winner in my opinion. Check out her gorgeous stresses styled by Xpect Studio using Schwarzkopf products.

I got this cute contestant to pose for a pic. Cool hairstyle designed by Xpect Studio using Schwarzkopf products

A peep into the backstage during the Grand Final of Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You!

Check out the screaming crowd behind me at The Grand Final of Teenage Mission: Gorgeous You! Exciting atmosphere here!

Look, who are here with me? Couldn't resist taking a selfie with these cute

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reopening of 2am:dessertbar with a Fresh Look And a New Partnership

After seven successful years and a week long hiatus, 2am:dessertbar unveils its new edgy look. The makeover also marks the beginning of a newly forged partnership between Janice Wong, 2am:dessertbar’s award winning Chef and Founder, and Manoj M Murjani, Chairman of Group MMM and Founder of Singapore luxury brands, The Wellness Group (TWG) and TWG Tea Company.

Was at the press conference of 2am:dessertbar this afternoon during which Chef Janice Wong announced her new partnership with Mr. Manoj M Murjani

“We’ve evolved over the last seven years and expanded our repertoire from plated desserts to include interactive edible art installations all over the world. I was inspired to create a different way of presenting sweets and wanted to combine everything together in a fun and engaging way. So I decided to incorporate the edible art aspect into the 2am:dessertbar experience for a unique twist,” says Wong.

Check out this edible art ceiling at 2am:dessertbar! It's made of seaweed flavored marshmallow!

Care of local designer Jocelyn Wong, the revamped space with a Manhattan inspired aesthetic is outfitted with elements including six whimsical, chocolate painted tables, marshmallow platform, alcohol shots on isomalt sugar “corals” and even edible tableware. In addition, Wong plans to change the striking artworks at least twice a year based on different themes.

Gummy sweets could be found on the corals next to the stairs

New look of 2am:dessertbar. Check out those whimsical, chocolate painted tables!

Echoing Wong’s philosophy, features such as its open concept kitchen—which affords customers a full view of the preparation and plating of its exquisite desserts to encourage interaction between the patrons and chefs—will remain, albeit in a different incarnation.

What’s more, the space downstairs has been transformed into a reception area with offerings including chocolate Pop Rocks praline cake ($10), churros ($5) and beignets ($6) for those who fancy treats to go.

Having established itself as one of the city’s foremost food and drink establishments at its Holland Village location, the 60 seater has once again redefined the dessert experience by pushing the boundaries between sweet and savoury with progressive, carefully researched offerings that are as delectable as they are beautiful.

Along with the updated décor is a refreshed menu to match. A newly introduced high tea set for two ($45) features all time favorites such as smoked popcorn root beer cake, truffle bars, chocolate bon bons, apple “pop tarts”, praline chocolate Pop Rocks cake and kaya pandan choux.

Absolutely love these sweet treats served during the press conference this afternoon

More sweet treats...the chocolate truffle bars are really finger-licking good!

Plus, guests can enjoy savoury items with a rebooted all day menu of small and big plates, like pork crackling with aioli and chicken liver dip ($12) and ricotta pasta pouches with chive malt cream, miso, liquid egg and nuts ($14). This incorporates a farm to table experience with fresh herbs—including lemon verbena and eucalyptus—specially grown by Oh’ Farms for 2am:dessertbar.

"Mushroom Garden" which is served with chocolate powdery bits is really mouth-watering!

Love the refreshing "Kyoho Daisy" pretty pink cocktail which contains Reyka, kyoho grape, lavender and lemon. The beef burger is yummy too.

There has also been a notable addition to the 2am team in the form of bar manager Kley Dhillon. The cocktail program has undergone a complete overhaul, as Dhillon and Wong have come up with unusual tipples that not only complement the delectable desserts, some of which employ the use of pastry techniques.

Bar Manager, Kley, as seen here, adding liquid nitrogen to prepare a sorbet cocktail

Guess what's in these 2 containers? It's chilli bubbles for cocktails! It's the first time that I have tried spicy cocktail with chilli bubbles in it

Another exciting development on the 2am:dessertbar front is Wong’s recent partnership with Singapore based, global entrepreneur Manoj M Murjani. Murjani says, “Janice's creativity and passion for infusing art with deserts is outstanding. She is not afraid to break boundaries. I feel, ready to develop innovative dining and retail concepts from Singapore, leading to compete and rank amongst the world's top culinary talents."

“We are both passionate about the business and evolution. We dare to take the risks to be different and be game changers. I was looking for a partner to grow the business together with me as I am heavily involved in the kitchen and the creative development of sweets and arts. Having a partner with a vision for growing businesses is crucial for me to achieve my dream of having a luxury retail sweet line,” says Wong.

Thanks Chef Janice for her kind invitation to attend this press conference and to taste the new menu and cocktails. I had an awesome time at the re-opening.

2am: dessertbar’s new opening hours are Tuesday – Friday from 3pm – 2am and
Saturday – Sunday from 11am – 2am.
21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore 277733
For bookings and general enquiries, call +65 6291 9727 or email
For more information, please visit

Took a mandatory selfie before I

About Chef Janice Wong
Janice Wong’s culinary training has taken her around the world and back. Armed with a degree in Economics and a passion for food, a last minute career change saw the native Singaporean embark on a frenetic culinary grand tour. She learned from some of the world’s best chefs including US luminaries Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz, as well as virtuoso Spanish chocolatier Oriol Balaguer and prodigious French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. Chef Janice Wong has received worldwide recognition for her cutting edge creations and is a regular on the global pop up circuit. She has been named “Asia’s Best Pastry Chef" by the prestigious San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2013 and 2014. Wong is also the author of Perfection in Imperfection and award winning cookbook Dim Sum (Gatehouse Publishing), which has been featured on The Huffington Post, as well as in Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.
For more information, please visit

About Manoj M Murjani 
Born and raised in Hong Kong, educated at the Harrow School in England and the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, Manoj M Murjani has an incredibly diverse background and privileged experience in understanding world cultures and building global businesses. Passionate about creating opportunities and brands, Manoj has a "magic touch" in being able to identify global trends, discover talent, as well as the creativity and will to make things happen. Today, he leads Group MMM, which is focused on the acquisition, investments and development of luxury lifestyle, hospitality, and food and beverage companies and brands globally. Manoj established and created The Wellness Group in Singapore in 2003. In 2007, identifying a niche in which TWG could emerge as a category leader, he launched TWG Tea Company. Prior to establishing The Wellness Group, Manoj led the Murjani Group family business and played an integral role in the inception and success of the internationally recognized brand Tommy Hilfiger and the restructuring of the Murjani Group’s brands Gloria Vanderbilt and Coca Cola Clothes. In early 1990, Manoj, together with his father Mohan, led the group’s initiatives in India, resulting in the Murjani Group’s positioning as the leader in the Indian luxury market, partnering brands including Gucci, Calvin Klein, French Connection and Tommy Hilfiger. Manoj currently resides in Singapore and sits on the Singapore Tourism Board’s Tourism Consultative Council, SPRING Singapore’s Markets Policy Advisory Committee and the Advisory Board of Action Community of Entrepreneurship (ACE). Internationally, he is a member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO).