Monday, January 18, 2016

Lillian Too Fengshui Extravaganza 2016

I guess I could be an early starter cos this annual event on 3rd Jan was my first event of 2016! Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year! Interesting to learn about the various good and negative sectors for 2016 and the possible enhancers and cures that could be used. It's always nice to see the various beautiful Fengshui jewellery and accessories that Aunt Lillian Too has designed for the new year. I sat next to a nice lady who happened to be the same age as my leechie mum and she flew in from Hong Kong to attend this seminar. Aunt Lillian Too has launched a new colouring book and I understood from some statistics that colouring books are amongst the bestsellers on Amazon!

Flying Stars chart for 2016

Aunt Lillian Too addressing the audience at Suntec City convention hall

No filter is necessary for this really stunning diamond cutter prayer wheel pendant seen at the Extravaganza.

With Aunt Lillian Too at her autograph session

Selfie time at the photowall

Friday, January 15, 2016

Grand Opening of Valentino Boutique at Marina Bay Sands

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review of LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure and Intense Hydrating SmoothingSerum

Thanks Anna and Christine for the kind media invitation to the Official Launch of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques - Face & Body Line at LPG® Endermospa, Ngee Ann City in late October. I have since returned for my trial session of LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure in late December and would like to share with you my experience at LPG® Endermospa, Ngee Ann City.

A little background on LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure:
The LPG® Peel works its magic by exfoliating the skin and boosting cellular regeneration. This superficial peel formula contains 10% acid and is a synergistic blend of glycolic and mandelic acids for optimal anti-ageing results while reducing skin damage risks. Face Endermologie is the only technology capable of natural reactivation of production of skin essentials necessary for youthful-looking skin based on a 2013 Humbert Study: collagen for firmness (+23%*), elastin (+46%*) for suppleness and hyaluronic acid (+80%*) for hydration and re-plumping action.

The therapist first carried out the endermolift on my face which lasted around 20 min and I like the lifting vibrations on my skin. I pointed out my problematic areas to the therapist and she concentrated on my chin area to try to produce a V-shape look. The therapist carried out the treatment on the right side of my face first so that I could compare it to my left. My right face looked visibly much more toned as compared to my left which had not undergone the treatment. Learnt that this treatment stimulates collagen production which can last for about a month. So the recommended frequency of treatment would be around 3-4 weeks lapse in between treatments.

The therapist then applied the 10% acid peel which is a synergistic blend of glycolic and mandelic acids. Those with sensitive skin like myself might experience slight itch on the skin during this 5 min before application of a neutralizer to neutralize the acid. But I'm happy that this treatment is safe and suitable for even people with sensitive skin!

LPG Intense Hydrating Soothing Serum

I'm a fan of facial serums cos serums usually contain the highest concentration of potent ingredients and are lighter in texture than moisurizers and facial creams. I just tried out the new LPG intense hydrating soothing serum. I like how it deeply hydrates my skin without leaving any oily residue. Love the light texture and the soothing effects! Do check out this new serum which is available exclusively at LPG® Endermospa, Ngee Ann City.

By the way, I wore a Minions tee without any makeup the other day and someone thought I'm a kid. She only realized that I could at best be at kid at heart when she saw my age on the form. I usually get mistaken for being a student by the staff at the registration booth at some events. Think it's what Adrian n Sherwin would term as "the Dracula effect" (as Draculas don't age). Lol. But in all honesty, I use tons of top notch skincare products. Would like to thank all my sponsors =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition came to Singapore in December at the crystal pavilion at Marina Bay Sands. It was interesting to see the French artisans at work, putting the Petite Malle together. I had to make 3 trips before I could catch them in action as each of my visits coincided with their meal breaks.

Some of the museum pieces seen at Louis Vuitton Series 3

This trunk was designed for the former Miss France of those days

Some of the new arrivals are inspired by the designs on these museum pieces

Love this red trunk 

One of my favorite new arrivals seen at Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition. Love the Victorian style sleeves coupled with chinoiserie chic

The various parts and bits used in the assembling of the Petite Malle

It's interesting to watch the artisans putting the Petite Malle together by hand!

The Petite Malle

Selfie with petite malle

Selfie in the white room

Selfie with the lonely muse

Another selfie with the muse

Selfie at the entrance of Series 3

Selfie at the crystal pavilion with lovely citylights in the background

The Louis Vuitton 3D installation that greeted all the guests entering the exhibition

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sponsored Hair Makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio

Thank you Brilliant Hair Studio for sponsoring my hair makeover previously. Brilliant Hair Studio is located in the heartlands at Toa Payoh Central. I walked into the salon with faded hair colour and frizzy and damaged hair. Do scroll down for photos of my hair transformation process...

I walked in with frizzy and damaged hair and do notice that my hair colour has already faded rather significantly I was a walking bad-hair-day...

I have very strong natural curls so my messy fringe was curling in many different directions which is a big headache for me...

My stylist, Tyler, first did a soft rebonding for my fringe

He then did a beautiful wine colour for my hair. Notice how smooth and shiny my hair looks even though it has been coloured twice during this hair makeover?! I like the attention to details by Tyler. He coloured my hair twice to achieve the red wine colour effect that I desire.

 With my stylist at Brilliant Hair Studio, Tyler

Tyler with the owner of Brilliant Hair Studio. Thank you for sponsoring my hair makeover

Love this hair makeover, especially the dolly fringe and lovely wine hair colour

I like how the red wine hair colour which makes my complexion look more rosy

Loving the results of this hair makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio!

Look at the huge contrast of my hair before (left) and after (right) the hair makeover by Brilliant Hair Studio. Notice how frizzy and damaged my hair was and how smooth and shiny my hair now looks after this hair makeover?!

Do visit Brilliant Hair Studio at:
SINGAPORE (310185)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hermes Leather Forever Exhibition

Love this Hermes Leather Forever Exhibition at Art Science Museum so much that I actually visited it thrice! I'm glad to discover something new each time I visited it. There was so much to explore and see.

I was wearing skirts on the first 2 visits so I didn't get to ride that 2 Hermes horses so I returned on the last day of the exhibition to ride the Hermes horses.

Look mum, I finally managed to ride the Hermes horse!

The 2 cute mini horses which show who's leading!

Check out all the really big birkins dangling behind me!

Sharing a private moment with the winged motorcycle

No filter is required cos all the alligator leather colours here look so vibrant!

One of my favourite rooms at Hermes Leather Forever exhibition

Just a few observations made of those exhibition visitors on the last day: Many couldn't even pronounce Hermes correctly! Excuse me, it's French! And I couldn't believe that there were people who actually asked the craftslady how much her salary is?! It's just too Uniquely Singapore to want to find out about others' income when it has absolutely nothing to do with them! That's just so unclassy =.= Sometimes the quality of your questions and your pronunciation reveal alot about a person! 

See how they cut out a Kelly bag?!

Can't believe that I actually missed out on this giant Kelly bag on my first visit there!

An Hermes wheelbarrow of perfumes...that's what dreams are made of...

Such lovely saddle

One of my favourite exhibtion pieces at Hermes Leather Forever

Another lovely vintage piece seen at the exhibition

These mini Hermes bags are sooooooo cute!

My favourite Mini Dolly Kelly bag design

Love the way the 5 mini dolly Kelly bags are arranged and displayed in a garden Hermes shoes storage display!

Mum, I need something like this to store some of my shoes!

Hermes orange boxes in all shapes and sizes!

What I like about Hermes: the elegance and discreet it can look...those in the know will know...

Glad that I was able to make a trip to visit The Little Room of Wonders just outside the Asian Civilisation Museum. 

Lovely museum piece seen at the Little Room of Wonders

Another interesting museum piece seen

Check the riding boots from those days