Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review of Gel Nail Services at Home Nails

Home Nails is located within Poise Hair salon which is only a stone's throw from Plaza Singapura and Cathay. It was founded by Wang Huiqin in 2008 who studied nail art design and obtained her certifications in Korea. Thanks Home Nails for sponsoring this gel manicure session. This is the second time that i have gel manicure done as I usually do my own nails at home.

My sand-style gel manicure sponsored by Home Nails

The manicurist first trimmed my nails and filed them neatly into square shape. She then removed my cuticles and gave me tips on how I can better take care of my cuticles n fingernails. I didn't know that applying cuticle oil or hand cream on the cuticle area will help to keep the cuticles moisturized which can speed up the manicure session. One of my thumb nails had just been broken the day prior to this gel manicure session. And she took great care to file it carefully so that it didn't hurt for me.

The manicurist working on my nails

After the preparatory work, She first applied a gel base coat on all my nails before the application of gel nail colours of the salon's choice. And the gel manicure was completed with a gel top coat. What's awesome about gel manicure is that the gel sets almost immediately with the UV lamp so there's relatively close to zero waiting time and so there's no fear of smudging of colors. Well, I usually paint my nails before I go to sleep for fear of smudging the freshly painted coats. Also learnt that gel manicure have benefits that can leave your nails stronger and untainted unlike the conventional nail polishes.

This interesting "sand-style" gel manicure seen on my nails is perfect for hot summer days. Home nails used a special dabbing technique to create the "sand" effect. The manicurist basically just dabbed over my nails a few times to achieve the nail design you see here. It's relatively fast and the entire gel manicure session only took slightly over an hour. So it's Good for those busy executives who prefer a time constrained fuss free approach.

The sponsored nail colors and designs have been preselected by the salon. This sand style gel manicure is a refreshing change from my usual glamorous dark shades with bling bling glitter nail colors that i normally do for myself. Guess it's good to be more down to earth for a brief change. Maybe people might find me more approachable with less bling bling nails? lol

Home nails also provides nail spa and 3D nail art services as well as pedicure services which I didn't have the opportunity to try. I saw some very nice Minions and bling bling nail art designs that have been done on the other bloggers. The pretty bling bling princess designs are suitable for brides and weddings as well as socialites that I often meet at society events. Pity that i didn't get to try them. Customers can also take their pick from the wide selection of opi nail colors available at the salon. They do have gelish nail colors but other brands of gel polish were used for this particular gel manicure done on my nails.

The gel colors available at Home Nails

Wide selection of nail colors available at Home Nails

Ex-Mediacorp Artiste Peter Yu plays a Forgiving Dad in upcoming musical production ‘The Search for True Love’

Ex-Mediacorp artiste Peter Yu will play a forgiving dad, along popular artistes like Xiahui and Wallace Ang in the upcoming musical production ‘The Search for True Love’ on 26th July 2015, 7.30pm at the Drama Centre Theatre, National Library. This play will be Yu’s second stage play, after a ten - year break from full-time acting.

The production, managed by New Strings Ministry, will explore the notions of love, kinship and forgiveness. Peter Yu’s son, played by Mediacorp Radio Love 97.2FM’s DJ Wallace Ang, will face his greatest tribulation as he dabbles into some untouched boundaries.

Set in the 70s, theatre patrons will get a chance to relive the iconic settings of popular hang-out places like the Kopi-Tiam and Cabaret. 

Peter Yu, a freelance artiste and taxi-driver said ‘I am indeed very honored to be invited to be part of this musical production. The story, in a way, parallels my life as I was also given a second chance after my wrongdoings. This is my second time dabbling myself into stage acting and I must say I am loving every bit of it. I hope Singaporeans will give me another chance to watch me on this set and understand more about love and life as a whole’. 

Liza Foong, Director and Producer from New String Ministry commented ‘It has been a rough journey putting this stage play together. The actors and crew are not exactly full-time performers. However, we were able to put our act together simply because of the cause we believe; Love trescends everything and we hope to share with our audience about its importance. 

Wallace Ang, Mediacorp Love 97.2 FM DJ, who is acting as the son of Peter Yu, said ‘I am glad to have embarked on this musical journey of love, life, regret and redemption. Hope you’ll join me in this incredibly enriching experience’.

Other cast includes Xiahui, popular veteran singer, Dennis Toh, ex-Star Search 2001 finalist & media Personality and Jacky Chew, Singer who recently launched his music album.

Details about ‘The Search for True Love’ 

Date: 26th July 2015, Sunday 

Venue: National Library, Drama Centre Theatre 

Address: 3/F National Library, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 

Tickets are available in $48, $58, $68, $88, $100 

Tickets are available through hotline: 98230100

Monday, June 8, 2015

Food Review of Udon GOEN

Thanks Fazirah for the kind invitation to this food tasting session. I love Japanese food and it's nice to taste authentic Japanese food cooked by native Japanese chef. And it is not all-udon at Udon GOEN, a humble stall located within Wisma Atria’s Food Republic. They have a revamped menu and their Japanese chef just arrived from Tokyo last month. The latest addition to its menu, Japanese Tonkatsu Curry Rice has become a hot favourite among its customers ever since its introduction.

Udon GOEN is no amateur when it comes to serving Japanese Curry Rice. At Udon GOEN, crispy fried tonkatsu lies on a bed of rice with delectably rich and thick curry. But theirs is no ordinary curry. To achieve a flavourful gravy, Executive Chef, Kumasaka Kazunari added tonkotsu stock (pork bones boiled for at least 10 hours) instead of water as soup base. Kazunari, who for years, honed his skills at a famous restaurant in Japan says, “In Singapore, the industry is highly saturated. With that many choices, the people here can easily differentiate between good and mediocre Japanese Curry Rice. To win the hearts of the locals here, knowing the art of making Japanese Curry Rice isn’t enough. You have to understand the locals’ palate." Well, really appreciate every single fine detail that goes into the preparation of this tasty curry rice dish.

It is not only the flavorful taste that makes this plate of curry rice incredibly satisfying, but also be blown away by its generous portion (you have to see it to believe it!) Prices start at $7.80 and the portions make it such a steal, with the flexibility of customised add-ons! Apart from Japanese Tonkatsu Curry Rice, Big Size (Platter) is another item worthy of a mention. Big Size consists of crispy fried items like chicken katsu and fried prawn on a bed of Japanese curry rice, fit for sharing between 2 - 3 people at an affordable platter price from only $14.80. This is undoubtedly value for money, what more with ingredients freshly flown in from Kagawa, Japan! Fresh and great value for money, what are you waiting for? Do visit Udon Goen at Food Republic at Wisma Atria.

About Udon GOEN 
Udon GOEN is a Japanese stall located within Wisma Atria’s Food Republic. Do visit them at: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #04-02/38 Food Republic (Stall 11) Singapore 238877
A brand name under JFort Pte Ltd, Udon GOEN has established itself in Singapore since October 2014. Udon GOEN is open daily from 10am to 10pm. Only cash payment is accepted. Customers can choose to dine-in or take-away.

Revamped food menu for udon and ramen

Revamped food menu for curry rice

The queue situation during dinner time at Udon Goen

Udon Goen is strategically located at Food Republic at Wisma Atria

Their Japanese chef just arrived from Tokyo last month

Yummy fried food at Udon Goen

The fried katsu situation at the stall

Check out the huge serving of this Japanese Katsu original curry rice! And this is not the biggest serving on their menu! 

The serving of Japanese Double Katsu original curry rice is really generous, which is nice to share amongst 2 pax!

For only $10.80, you get to try out both the pork as well as chicken katsu in this Japanese Double Katsu original curry rice, which is really value for money!

Check out the thickness of the katsu served! The curry served is thick and flavorful.

I love the soup base of the Tonkotsu Special Ramen, the taste is just right, not too salty nor bland.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Magnum Infinity Launch Party at Orgo

Was really happy to attend the Magnum Infinity Launch party at Orgo. Brought Donna along as my guest for the night and good to have her company or peer pressure to try out the thrilling slides and swings at the Magnum Playground! lol...we certainly had plenty of fun at the interesting slides and swings, which were the brainchild of Bompas and Parr. Also loved the special effects in the Mirror Room, which was great for taking plenty of photos...and that also explained the queue leading to the Mirror Room. Orgo has concocted 2 chocolicious specialty cocktails to celebrate the launch of Magnum Infinity. Thanks Magnum Singapore for this awesome evening of fun and cool Magnum Infinity ice cream =)

The chocolicious Magnum Infinity

Check out all these key ingredients which go into Magnum Infinity

Wooh...check out the hot atmosphere at Magnum Infinity Launch Party at Orgo

A glittery start to the night of fun with Magnum

 Check out the excited crowd at this launch party!

Orgo concocted 2 specialty Magnum Infinity cocktails for this launch party: The measure of Pleasure and Forest Retreat

Forest Retreat: which contains bamboo-infused vodka, magnum infinity (caramel and chocolate) ice cream, home-made orange and thyme marmalade, bamboo leaf, salt, thyme, chocolate

The Measure of Pleasure: which contains ceylon-infused vodka, Magnum Infinity (double chocolate) ice cream, homemade pistachio syrup, homemade raspberry syrup, truffle salt foam

Selfie moment: Enjoying the Forest Retreat cocktail

Fun in the Mirror Room

My reflection from one of the mirrors in the Mirror Room

Love the glittery lights and special effects in the Mirror Room

Photo moment for the Magnum team

Selfie or welfie moment

On the Infinity swings

Me and Harry on the swings: Check out how Harry does it on the swing...n that's Donna's voice exclaiming her excitement at watching him on the swing!

Think you could hear Donna in the above clip suggesting that we should take selfie with Harry and so here we are: Photo with Harry, the brains behind Bompas and Parr.

This is the super thrilling slide at the Magnum playground! Honestly, I wouldn't try this slide if not for the moral support or peer pressure from Donna. I kept screaming and screaming as I was going down but everything was over in a couple of seconds. lol

Check out this clip for a feel of the super thrilling slide at the Magnum Playground!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Created and designed by Melbourne-based Singaporean, Nelson Yap, the quintessential Benjamin Barker brand marries versatility and style with an emphasis on design, fit, construction and form. This collection presented at Singapore Fashion Week brings together well-crafted and heritage-inspired menswear, which epitomises sartorial elegance with a touch of style and personality. Many well-cut suits were featured along with the clever use of props such as bicycles and umbrellas. The sweet pink blazer featured in this showcase is a good example of how men can carry off sweet pink shades well. By the way, this was the only show featuring only male models at Singapore Fashion Week 2015. The many hot male models strutting down the runway was certainly eye-candy for the ladies in the audience.

With heartfelt thanks to TaF.tc (The Academy of Fashion Professions), I was able to be there in person to witness this awesome live showcase of the stylish menswear collection of the talented Singaporean designer, Nelson Yap, and to share my perspectives with my readers. Thanks Taf.tc for the awesome view from my second row seat which was really great for taking photos!

About TaF.tc:

TaF.tc (The Academy of Fashion Professions) is the training arm of the TaF.f (Textile & Fashion Federation). It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry. They offer specially designed courses and programmes to prepare fashion students for a creative career in the highly competitive fashion industry, and to help industry professionals develop and specialise. TaF.tc provides intensive training programmes for individuals from various disciplines, preparing them for the following areas of the fashion industry: Merchandising and Marketing, Apparel Design and Product Development, Industrial Engineering, Quality and Production, Footwear Design and Product Development

TaF.tc is located at
Central Plaza #14-06
298 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168730
Tel: (65) 3157 6111
Email: enquiry@taftc.org

Hot model Henrique Fukuoka opened the Benjamin Barker show in an elegant double-breasted blazer

Models strutted down the runway in suits along with their bicycles

Dapper style alongside the bicycle

Like this classy blue suit modelled by Henrique Fukuoka...umbrellas were used as props in this showcase too

Sweet pink blazer nicely paired with beige pants and a hat to reflect the sartorial style

Evidence of how a gentleman can wear blazer with bermudas and yet still look stylish

Final look of Benjamin Barker showcase
With the talented designer of Benjamin Barker after his showcase at Singapore Fashion Week

With my leechie idol, Miss Elim Chew, after the Benjamin Barker show

Willy Foo with my leechie idol, Miss Elim Chew

OOTD for Day 4 of Singapore Fashion Week 2015: Carrying Red Valentino leopard prints clutch sling bag and using L'Oreal Professionnel haircare products to maintain my natural curls and Nars foundation for a photo ready look. 

Apologies for looking so tired as I was out the entire day since early morning, busy with Astrology workshops and missed on attending the Harper's Bazaar showcase even though I had tickets to this show.


Transforming their flagship store at Orchard Building into a fully-fledged tropical paradise, H&M hosted the official Singapore Fashion Week after-party for the very first time. Making his Singapore debut, celebrity DJ "Goddy God" Godfrey Gao appeared on the decks and dished out fresh tracks, at the fashion party of the year.

I only attended 2 shows on this third day of Singapore Fashion Week so that I could be at H&M early to see the one and only Godfrey Gao...but he didn't appear that early...i was happily shopping on the higher floors of the H&M building until some girls were heard screaming at 11+pm...blur me wasn't aware that Godfrey already took the escalators down n i actually missed that...one of the girls was like: "How could you possibly miss someone of 1.93 m tall?" Me being me,"Oh well, I just did" =( So I had to rush down to the first floor of the H&M building where the DJ console was...just as when I reached the first floor, Godfrey Gao had just finished posing by the H&M photowall and was making his way towards the DJ console...n he walked right towards me n obviously I followed him to the DJ console...n tada, I parked myself right in front of him throughout his entire 30 min session...I was standing directly right in front of him at the DJ console...so close that when Godfrey Gao took selfies with the crowd, I was entirely camouflaged by his 1.93 m frame that I was nowhere to be found on his selfies...I had the best spot in the house!!! =D He was only arm's length away from me! I couldn't help but kept looking at him! Honestly, I can't concentrate on anything else when such a good looking man is right in front of me! Pardon my fangirling...well, I don't really do that often...but it's Godfrey Gao...so pls pardon my fangirling...lol...i took more than plenty of candid shots of Godfrey Gao ;p

Thanks H&M for bringing Godfrey Gao in for this fashion party of the year and for the awesome shopping discount! I bought a H&M striped peplum dress in white and navy =)

He was only arm's length away from me! I couldn't help but kept looking at him! Honestly, I can't concentrate on anything else when such a good looking man is right in front of me! Check out Godfrey's bewitching eyes!!

Honestly, I could look into these eyes forever!! He's so good looking that no filter is required for most of these photos!

His so charming smile! <3 p="">

So cute!

 Notice how focused he looked during his DJing?

 So Shuai ;p

Godfrey is good looking from any angle! Took this photo when I happened to be just standing behind him and following him to the DJ console...

Cute candid shot of Godfrey ;p

Me attempting to take selfie with DJ Godfrey

Another selfie attempt...pls pardon my Godfrey-induced messy fringe ;p

Selfie taken by our shuai shuai Godfrey Gao ;p Not only is yours truly vertically-challenged, my arms are too short to reach my silly iphone as well...blur me was trying to help him tap on my iphone but my arms r too short to even reach my iphone...n i didn't realize that there's actually a button on the side of iphone that one could press to take pics...well, cool that I actually picked up this useful tip from our Godfrey Gao! honestly, ever since I set eyes on him backstage at Audi Fashion Festival last year, I've been smitten by him!

Another selfie that Godfrey took =) Godfrey's really made my day and night! I'm sooo starstruck! It's not everyday that I get so up close and personal with such a droolworthy international celebrity! My mum had to spoil my moment by commenting that there are many other people in this photo =.= so i told her to imagine that they r transparent or to mentally photoshop them away =.=