Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Third Meridian Session at Slimming 101

It was a cold day so I really appreciate the warm thermal bed. I doze off lying on my front while waiting for the meridian treatment. The therapist educated me that pressing on those pressure points on my lower back just above my tailbone would help to reduce water retention in my kidneys. N pressing those pressure points higher up on my back could reduce fat absorption!! That's very important to me!!

There are some pressure points on my stomach which are to aid in digestion. I find that I usually burp after eating and that's a sign that my digestion is not good. Pressing on the pressure points on the sides of my tummy could help to reduce unnecessary eating!! Again, that's very important for me cos I seem to be always hungry!!

I lost 500g in this meridian session!

At Slimming 101 for meridian treatment!

With Dato' Joey Yap after his talk earlier in the day 

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Second Meridian Treatment at Slimming 101

Love the relaxing lavender scent of the gel that was used in the meridian treatment. It seemed more like a relaxing massage session rather than a typical slimming the therapist pressed on my meridian points today, i felt lesser pain as compared to my first meridian treatment...hopefully that meant that more fats and toxins have been flushed out of my body since...some of the meridian points on my tummy that the therapist pressed on are to aid in my food digestion...n i felt v.hungry after this session today! 

After my meridian points were pressed from the front and back, I was wrapped up with thermal blanket on the thermal bed for about 30 minutes and i sweated quite a bit in these 30 minutes. I lost 200g in today's also trying to cut down on my food intake these days too, so hope i can lose more weight and also to maintain the weight loss. I recommend this meridian treatment as a healthy alternative for weight loss!

Running a special promotion exclusively for my blog readers: you only need to pay $39.90 for one trial session which is worth up to $700! So it's definitely great value for money! Please purchase using this link:

Do visit Slimming 101 Pte Ltd located at Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-07 or contact the friendly staff at hotline: 67373-101.

Was at the opening of MAD museum yesterday...i have lost about 1.5 kg till i look better now?

Guess what? It was my birthday yesterday and I didnt expect to bump into the super cute "Godfrey Gao lookalike" hot model, Henrique Fukuoka, there =)

Henrique's so sweet, he said i look better now than at Audi Fashion Festival. I'm so happy to hear that from a cute model! Honestly, if a cute guy says i look prettier...that carries more weight than what any other guys say =)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Launch of Vertu Aster

Pleased to be at the launch of Vertu Aster at Victoria Concert Hall. This was the first time that i have been there since the major renovation.

Daniel Boey with the models at the fashion show of this vertu event

Daniel Boey with the boys, holding their vertu asters

The hot model is holding the new Vertu Aster

A scene from the launch party of the official launch of Vertu Aster

Victoria Concert Theatre was the venue for this official launch

Check out all these interesting colors available for Vertu Aster

The fine details...

The new Vertu Aster

Selfie with GM of Vertu

Selfie with UTT who was the host of this official launch

Another photo with UTT

At the official launch of Vertu Aster...thanks for the lovely evening

Upon arrival at the official launch

Vertu is dedicated to taking one of modern life’s essentials and elevating it far beyond the everyday, the ordinary; creating something unique, exquisite and distinctive for discerning individuals who appreciate nothing less.
Handmade in our state-of-the-art workshop in Church Crookham, England, the new Vertu Aster is crafted with the very finest materials. From casings finished in the supplest, most meticulously fashioned natural-grain leathers to flawless screens protected by solid sapphire crystal, every element is exceptional.
Our range of remarkable services includes your concierge team, exclusive access to invitation-only events and world-class security features.
Extraordinary craftsmanship. Extraordinary services. Extraordinary performance.
Vertu’s extraordinary Aster.

Every Aster is hand crafted by a single master craftsman from start to finish. The finest materials and cutting-edge technology are combined with meticulous English workmanship to create an object that is incomparably elegant and stylish, individual and unique. Only when your Aster is completed will the craftsman’s signature be permanently engraved inside your device. Rarely visible but always there, it is the stamp of something special that elevates your Aster to a place above the ordinary.

Impervious to anything less than diamond, solid sapphire crystal is strong, highly scratch resistant and optically perfect. A single 117 carat, piece of 5th generation solid sapphire crystal protects the Aster’s HD display from scratches.

Aster’s exquisitely perfected body consists of a single continuous piece of titanium on each side and hand-polished in contrasting finishes. Scrupulously hand-finished casings create a crisp and precise transition between brushed and polished surfaces.

Vertu Aster is available in a choice of three distinctive hand-bound leather finishes. Choose from the supplest calf leather sourced from globally-renowned European tanneries; exotic Ostrich or Karung leathers, each available in a range of colours. Whatever you decide, every piece of leather is unique, making your Vertu Aster as individual as you are.

Vertu offers a unique monogram service, available in six shades giving you
the opportunity to extend your unique personality by designing your Aster and matching leather case. It is your individual expression in exquisite colours and geometric stripes plus a choice of initials or meaningful acronyms.
For further personalisation you can also choose to have your Aster engraved with a unique message, for yourself or as an unforgettable gift. The personalisation offering is available through online purchase and selected Vertu Boutiques.

When you know that Vertu’s services are accessed on your Aster by a hand-polished ruby key, you realise the standard of those services will be truly remarkable. The Vertu key opens the door to our Vertu Concierge, Life and Certainty services, gaining you privileged access to your concierge team, world-exclusive events and superb security. With each Aster, we offer 6 month complimentary access to Classic Concierge service. Your team of lifestyle managers is available 24/7, to help with whatever you need, from tracking down hard-to-find exclusive designer collections to tickets for high-profile events. Vertu Concierge is accessible by voice, email or Live Chat from anywhere in the world.

Vertu Life offers customers a personalised selection of exclusive opportunities and unrestricted access to elite events, available directly on your device. Features include access to invitation only events, unforgettable experiences, bespoke offers at international sporting or musical events and complimentary entry to the most exclusive Private Members’ Clubs.

Vertu Certainty protects your phone and data through best-in-class technology. This includes encrypted communications, comprising voice calls, text and video and delivered in partnership with Silent Circle and complimentary for 12 months. Additionally, your Aster is secured through complimentary 12 month’s access to Kaspersky mobile security, including anti-virus and anti-theft protection.

No ordinary phone sounds like the Aster. Vertu’s exclusively commissioned ringtones, performed by the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra, make an unmistakeably individual statement in any setting.

Your Aster is safeguarded by some of the most resilient materials found on earth. Its immensely strong but light titanium alloy casing is designed to withstand all the demands of modern life and the busiest of schedules. Within this uncompromising body is a full HD display, protected by a screen cut from the most durable solid sapphire crystal.

Working closely with the world’s leading audio experts, Aster’s outstanding acoustic profile delivers flawless performance through Dolby® Digital Plus virtual surround sound, while our innovative noise cancellation technology removes background noise for optimal voice communication. High quality, integrated front-facing stereo speakers are tuned for an extraordinarily pure and rich acoustic experience free from distortion in any environment.

A Hasselblad-certified 13-megapixel rear camera ensures you capture memorable moments perfectly, while a front-facing camera enables intuitive video calling.
An extraordinary full-HD display presents images on the impeccably crafted sapphire crystal screen. The result? Aster’s beautifully realised on-screen images are as exceptional as the camera that captures them.

With 4G* capability, the Vertu ethos of a ’one world phone’ continues with Aster, which delivers exceptional connectivity around the world. With Vertu’s iPass service you’re granted exclusive access to unlimited, global Wi-Fi for 6 months, at over 13 million hotspot locations. When Wi-Fi is not available, Aster’s optimised antenna enables access to high-speed data across every continent. Wherever you are, you’re always connected.
Vertu’s V Speaker delivers outstanding sound without the need for cables.
Blue-tooth along with the NFC fast pairing, allows for swift wireless connection, enabling high-quality music playback with no set-up. Extraordinary sound has never been simpler.

The V headphones audio is perfectly tuned in collaboration with world-leading sound specialists Bang & Olufsen, giving a rich, deep bass at the low end with crystal clarity at the top. Made with soft lamb’s leather, the V headphones fold flat for convenient carrying and are strong yet incredibly light.

Our exceptional wireless speaker features a built-in microphone, high-quality music playback. It requires no set up, if using the NFC pairing function, making
it as convenient as it is compact and powerful. Strong yet incredibly light, designed with beauty in mind, its de-bossed leather buttons make it look as exceptional as it sounds.

Even our charger is extraordinary, with a modern, elegant Vertu design that allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, simply by placing it on the charger. Precisely made from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminium for maximum strength, it’s durable and wear resistant and beautifully finished in supple leather.

You have the opportunity to add your own personal flourish to your stylish Aster. Choose from a range of three styles in an extensive palette of exquisite colours.

Our elegant slip-style case has a soft ‘V’ detail design made up of two panels interlocked together with a magnetic tab closure. Available in a choice of: Onyx Calf, Lagoon Calf, Blush Calf.

The elegant flap case makes a strong but subtle statement. The main body is wrapped with a single leather panel and hidden magnetic closing. With cut-out side panels to access key ports and your ruby key.
Available in a choice of: Onyx Calf, Cognac Ostrich, Raspberry Ostrich, Tangerine Karung and Caviar Karung.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grand Opening of Jack Wills in Singapore

For Jack Wills fans, the good news is that the Cult British fashion brand, Jack Wills, today made its debut in Singapore with the grand opening of its first store in Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road. 

This retail outlet is the brand’s fourth store in Asia, and the first outside of Hong Kong since the company’s foray into the region in 2011. The Grand Opening Party was presided by the Fabulously British brand’s Global Business Development Director, Sanjay Sharma, who had flown in for the day to celebrate the official opening of Singapore’s very first Jack Wills store.

“Since we opened our first store in Hong Kong in 2011, I have watched Jack Wills grow and flourish in the region, thanks to our customers’ encouraging support of the brand, which has motivated us to bring the Jack Wills experience into Singapore,” Sharma said.

“In just within three years, Asia has risen to become our second most important market, after the United Kingdom, and am thrilled to be here in Singapore to launch our very first store in this sophisticated, fashion-forward country. The Raffles City store will become the 78th Jack Wills store in the world – with many more to come.”

Jack Wills was established in 1999 by founders Peter Williams and Robert Shaw in Salcombe, Devon, a small coastal town in the south of England. Ever inspired by the best of British, from its history and culture to sporting and country pursuits, the company’s registered trademark, “Fabulously British” encapsulates the inspiration behind Jack Wills – high quality goods that draw heavily on British heritage and style. Jack Wills takes pride in using the finest quality materials, techniques and design to deliver the brand’s distinctive connection between the old and new, epitomizing what it means to be young and Fabulously British.

Over the last month of October, the public in Singapore were treated to Jack Wills’ very special brand of consumer engagement with the introduction of the Singapore team of Seasonnaires, a group of youthful and exuberant ambassadors for the brand, to spread the word about the anticipated arrival of the company’s first store in Singapore at Raffles City.

Over four weekends, the Jack Wills Singapore Seasonnaires took the Jack Wills Land Rover around town, delighting the crowds with frosty pink & navy striped popsicles, limited edition Jack Wills sunglasses and tote bags, and scratch cards to redeem goodies in-store. Keep a look out for them – unmistakable in their Jack Wills pink & navy polo tees – in the coming months.

The Raffles City store opens with the Jack Wills Autumn and Christmas 2014 collections. The Autumn 2014 collection includes a range of versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to reflect several style tribes, from ‘Chelsea Skater’ to ‘Blogger Babe’ for ladies and ‘Metro Gent’ to ‘Urban Fielder’ for gentlemen.

For the Christmas 2014 collection, expect festive hues, soft textures and iconic “Made in Britain” outerwear pieces. The boutique will also carry accessories, homeware and gifts to suit every shopping need.

The 2,400 square foot store in Raffles City reflects all that is Fabulously British. A handsome black-and-white store front opens up to rustic herringbone wood flooring, bedecked with a hand-painted Union Jack and a colonial-inspired arch column divider draped with velvet Union Jack curtains. The retail space features high ceilings with grand chandeliers, and a statement wall hand-painted with the brand’s signature pink and navy stripes. Vintage picture frames and carefully curated memorabilia are balanced with bright, contemporary industrial furnishings, creating a smooth blend of heritage and the present.

Jack Wills products are cut to a slim block and any need for slight refinements will be taken care of by an in-house tailoring service for customers. The brand has a strong following amongst some of the most quintessentially British style icons, including Princes William and Harry, Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole.

About Jack Wills

Established in 1999 in Salcombe, Devon, by founders Peter Williams and Robert Shaw, Jack Wills is influenced by the best of British, from its history and culture to sporting and country pursuits. As an outfitter, Jack Wills takes pride in using the finest quality materials, techniques and design to deliver the brand’s distinctive connection between the old and new, epitomising what it is to be young and Fabulously British.

As a brand, Jack Wills has championed the use of viral, guerrilla and social media marketing via its local teams of Seasonnaires, building a cult following amongst its fans in the United Kingdom, United States and across Asia.

For more information, visit

Follow Jack Wills Asia on Facebook:

Follow Jack Wills Singapore on Instagram:

Check out the cute Jack Wills car displayed at Raffles City

Live illustrations at the opening party

A guest trying out "Fabulously British" flash tattoos at the launch party

Interesting range of accessories spotted, with many carrying either the signature pink and navy stripes or Union Jack. Socks sporting the signature pink and navy stripes were a hot favorite amongst the guests at the launch party.

Love this classy navy jacket

Some gift-with-purchase promotions that are currently available at the store now

Uber cute Jack Wills cake pops!

Congratulations Jack Wills on your debut in Singapore! Thanks Jack Wills and Epic PR for having me at the launch party

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jewel Fest 2014: Second Edition Opening

Theme of the second edition opening is: "A Snow White Tale of strength and innocence with the splendour of pearls and diamonds"

Love this gorgeous bling bling headgear by Eskpade which perfectly complements the classy set of fine jewellery from SJ Solitaire Jewels. This elegant necklace is classic yet enchanting

This elegant lacy gown from Avana Style is one of my favorites from the Second Edition Opening. The headdress with gemstones from Eskpade adds a veil of mystery to the look, which certainly accentuates the sparkles of the fine jewellery.

This diamond jeweled headdress which is a collaboration between Lee Hwa Jewellery and Eskpade is my favorite from the Second Edition Opening. This elegant black outfit is from Avana Style.

Love this design of diamonds and rubies

Love this classy velvet cheongsam paired with fine jewellery from the oriental theme of this show. The oriental fan headgear from Eskpade is so charming.

One of my favorite outfits from the oriental theme. Like this obi belt from Jixiangzhai clothier and the oriental fan headgear from Eskpade is seen here in another shade. Notice the familiar faces of First Ladies of society seated at the front row?

Love this pretty dress with frills by Zen Collection. Love the details on the ring.

Lovely necklace paired with the little black dress from Zenchi Collection at "Alice in Wonderland" show.
Check out these pretty mini "card" cakes for the "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Pretty yet yummy.

Beauty and the beast from the closing show of Jewel Fest 2014. Love the bling bling diamond necklace.

Check out these pretty rose shaped meringue served at the closing show of Jewel Fest 2014

Caught up with the 3 cute little models from the Second Edition Opening. They are pretty good at posing for pics ya? lol

What i wore to Second Edition Opening: dress by Calvin Klein and vintage Omega constellation

Selfie taken after the closing show

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My First Meridian Treatment and TCM Consultation at Slimming 101

Went down to Slimming 101 for my TCM consultation today. The inhouse TCM doctor first took my pulse on both hands...we chatted a bit about my sleeping habits, diet, lifestyle and sensitive skin...she said that 11pm-3am is the time that our body and kidney rejuvenate so her advice is to sleep before 11pm...but honestly, sleeping before 11pm is quite difficult for me to would be good if i can sleep before 1am...cos i only have about 4hrs of sleep on weekdays on busy days although i try to catch up on sleep during the weekends...

I'm supposed to be "pseudo-heaty" (pardon my literal translation) so a little on the heaty side and my body lacks fluids. She's right that i feel thirsty quite easily...honestly, i'm the type who can gulp down a big glass of drink when i'm thirsty...she adviced me to cut down on spicy food (again, not easy cos i love spicy stuff o.O)

I'm quite surprised when she asked if i feel giddy...she could tell that i have a giddiness issue just by taking my pulses o.O well. just a few weeks ago i had a really bad giddy bad that I was advised by my eye specialist to go for MRI scan on my brain...the tcm doctor said i could be anemic...interesting to learn that anemia is not exclusive to those who have low blood pressure...

The inhouse TCM doctor at Slimming 101

Had my first meridian treatment's supposed to be good for draining out the toxins and to improve the digestive system etc...the therapist pressed on my meridian points and patiently explained the positions of the various meridian points. She said that it usually means that there's some blockages if there's pain upon pressing the meridian points...i feel pain on more than quite a few meridian points ler...looks like there's a lot of toxins stuck in me! i was then wrapped in plastic and underwent the thermal detox treatment which was done at abt 50 deg C...the idea is to induce sweating to flush out the toxins...i was v.sweaty when i was finally unwrapped....reminds me of my hot yoga it looks like i have lost about 1 kg from this treatment! wow! o.O

Running a special promotion exclusively for my blog readers: you only need to pay $39.90 for one trial session which is worth up to $700! So it's definitely great value for money! Please purchase using this link:

Do visit Slimming 101 Pte Ltd located at Funan DigitaLife Mall, #04-07 and hotline: 67373-101.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Opening Night of Jewelfest 2014: Francis Cheong 30 Years of HauteCouture

It was a glittery opening night at Jewel Fest 2014, with beautiful fine jewellery on show and attended by glamorous glitterati...

Congratulations to Francis Cheong who celebrated 30 years of Haute Couture with his awesome fashion show at the opening night of Jewel Fest 2014. Plenty of bling bling and glitterati at this glittery event.

The star of Francis Cheong 30 years of Haute Couture show at Jewel Fest 2014. Such a beautiful wedding gown and elegant diamond necklace!

Love this elegant set of fine jewellery from De Ambrosi, which was perfectly complemented by the bling bling embellishments on this yellow Francis Cheong haute couture gown

This perfect ensemble of ruby colored Francis Cheong haute couture gown and necklace from Dilys' is one of my favorites from the opening night. Love the pretty intricate details on the gown and the enchanting design of the necklace.

A closer look at the beautiful diamond and rubelite necklace from Dilys'

Malaysian supermodel Tini opened the show for the night

A closer look at what Tini was holding in her hands: Spirit of Ecstasy

Check out this 2.5 million usd necklace on the model!

I actually held 2.5 million usd in my hand! WOW!

Love this pretty diamond ring on the model's right hand. Btw, i have a gown which looks rather similar to what the model was wearing and my gown is really heavy with all the beads, etc

With fashion maestro Francis Cheong after his show